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Interested in selling Kvas Fine Beverage Co. products? We would love to talk to you. At Kvas Fine Beverage Co. we are always looking for new partnerships, across Canada. 

Contact Zac Kvas for more information. 

What is different about Kvas?
- Having a base of local honey or maple syrup, along with spices, teas and local fruit, our simple syrups support local, are all natural and are full of flavour.    
- Our Northern Maple Old Fashioned and Whisky Sour Syrup were designed precisely with these classic cocktails in mind and need only the addition of whisky for a perfect cocktail every time. 
- Each syrup has an easy to make cocktail recipe, right on the bottle.  
- Our Lavender Jasmine, Cranberry Rosemary and Ginger Wildflower are the perfect addition to vodka or gin, along with citrus.   
- Kvas syrups are designed for both the cocktail and culinary world. Being highly versatile, Kvas syrups are used not only for easy to make cocktails, but also no-proof beverages, sauces, glazes and even baking.
- Being a husband and wife team, with no investors, we are as small-batch as it comes. 
- No minimums and cost effective shipping rates


Your products have been doing sooooo well in the store! So great to see. It’s such an easy sell for anyone who is new to mixing cocktails, but wants to try something delicious.

Also- my husband is a Whisky sour guy. He’s made them from scratch at home for a while now, egg whites and the whole nine yards. He said there was no way yours would be as good. Well, he was mistaken! He absolutely loves your mix! He’s says it’s as good as making his own and so much easier. Definitely a staple in our home now.

I am OBSESSED with the cherry hibiscus. I’ve been making gin sours with them- adding lemon juice and a splash of soda. So yummy.

- Chantal Ingram from Flourish and Bask