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Recipes & Good Stuff

  • Green Earth Sour

    We created this cocktail, to celebrate the great fabulous earth.

  • Kvas Siggy Coffee

    Messy, Decadent, Delicious. 

  • Kvas Sparkler

    This northern Muskoka inspired sparkling treat is perfect for chiming in any sort of celebration!

  • Kvas Peach Crusta

    A perfect-peachy-cocktail for your pre-dinner party!

  • The Cold Fashioned

    The perfect welcome cocktail for the beer & whisky lover in your house!


  • "Pai Mei"

    Summer Flip to Flip Out Over!

  • Riesling Mojito

    As seen on Marilyn Denis!

  • Popeye's Ginger Booster

    With a refreshing blast of mint, ginger, and spinach, this drink is good for any sailor!

  • The Bench 75

    For all you lavender fans, here is a modern twist on the "French 75". 

  • King in the North Old Fashioned

    Drink like a King (or Queen) with this fine sipper!

  • Ferris Mueller's Moscow Mule

    Our classic and original recipe for our Ginger Wildflower Simple Syrup!