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Ginger Wildflower Simple Syrup

Ginger Wildflower Simple Syrup

Kvas Fine Beverage Co.
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At Kvas Fine Beverage Co. we create bar-quality products that are as essential to making cocktails, as yeast is to making alcohol.

What is it? This Ginger Wildflower Simple Syrup mixes real ginger root, with local Niagara wildflower honey, to create a truly locally driven simple syrup, with the natural spice that a quality ginger cocktail deserves! 

What's it taste like? Honeycomb, Gingersnap, Elderflower, Heaven

Best friend's to mix with? Vodka, Gin, Tequila, Bourbon, Brandy, Limoncello, Grappa, Lemonade, Ice-Tea, Green Tea

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