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An Invitation to Flavour

Bartending has always been a trade and a craft.

Much like any other trade, there are different grades of both the tradesperson themselves and the products they use.

Over the years bartending has got lost in half-price doubles, and overpriced shots.

This isn’t to say these both don’t have a place in the world of bartending, it is only to say that they are one portion of the trade and not the trade in its entirety.

Kvas Fine Beverage Co. is another portion of this trade. The portion that focuses on quality over quantity, and creative flavours for food & drink lovers alike.

Our goal is to get people getting creative with bartending, and having fun drinking & eating together.

It would be a sad world to think the only ingredients we had for cooking were ketchup, and salt. Much the same, it would be a sad world for bartending if we only had spirits and cola.

This is why we are inviting you to step up to the bar and join Kvas in bringing back flavour.

Over the next while you will see posts on recipes, ideas, fun-times, and new flavours. We welcome you to share with us your creations and thoughts to help build a better bar world.

In the words of the great Ms. Frizzle...
“Take chances, make mistakes & get messy”.

Amy and Zac Kvas

"Woods Drinking. Mugs hide both liquor and faces!"

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  • Excellent mixology. Looking forward to the next one!

    Jim Gates

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